Surprising Liege to the top of slag heaps

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Surprising Liege to the top of slag heaps

I organized my very first hiking weekend on December 14th & 15th!
The objectives of the hike were the following:

  • Discover the slag heaps of Liège.
  • Discover the diversity of the landscapes of Liege and its surroundings seen from above (slag heaps) and below (Meuse).
  • Become aware of the presence and proximity of nature in the city by taking as many green paths as possible.
  • Discover the local atmosphere through the historical heart of Liège, its Christmas market and its gastronomy.
  • The group consisted of 9 participants + 1 supervisor + me, i.e. 11 people in all, from 30 to 60 years of age, all of whom are keen hikers but with quite different levels of physical fitness. Out of the 9 participants, there were 3 from Liège with a good knowledge of Liège, 4 Hutois and 1 Brainoise knowing only the city centre, 1 from Brussels coming to Liège for the first time.
    The weekend went very well, despite the capricious weather, with a score of 4,5/5 of the participants:

  • Great spots
  • Top, very original
  • Green trails were maximized, which is not easy to do in the city
  • Magnificent, I was amazed at the view we could have
  • Interesting diversity of slag heaps
  • Christmas Markets off the beaten path
  • Wow the Barge and the Shed
  • You’ve done your best to set the mood for Christmas
  • Bravo despite the rain and gusts of wind
  • Nice hotel, clean, quiet, very nice owner, extra and hearty breakfast
  • Excellent meal, also atmosphere
  • Super attentive guide, calm, discreet, reliable, friendly, professional and cool too, red jacket visible from afar, peket wouaw!!!! (for me who never drinks, nice discovery and it fits really well with the rest)
  • Just one comment: don’t change anything
  • Very very good value for money, nothing to complain about
    Can’t wait till next weekend!
    Click on “b! Hike” to discover my next hikes :

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